Happiness is all about putting life into perspective

As I was nearing the end of a run and feeling particularly slow, sluggish even, an older gentleman I frequently see walking his dog, called out “Que rapido que corre! Ya quisiera tener la energía que tiene usted” (“How fast you run! I wish I had the energy that you have”). The timing of his spontaneous comment came at a time when I most needed it. In addition to feeling s-l-o-w, I was self-questioning. Questioning whether I could complete a half marathon (let alone with respectable time), whether T could complete a half ….whether we should continue blogging or if it was a complete waste of time, a journey I had perhaps guilted T into joining me on.

This man’s comment put a smile on my face and a pep in my step. It reminded me that, yes, I could – I have twice before with less preparation than I have accrued these past months. I remembered T had too, at the age of 14 after having barely slept, inadequately trained, after a week of performing the lead in a high-school opera production – of course she could! And the blog, oh this blog: it was then that I remembered the day the idea of “All Roads Lead To Happiness aka Roads2Happy” was born – and, no, it was not only my idea, T was every bit as excited as I. Life, and happiness, is all about keeping things in perspective. My slow is another person’s fast after all…



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