Hi! We’re Amy & Tori, mother and daughter most often confused for sisters, always friends. We love to have adventures together, stay fit, travel and generally speaking be girly.

We believe that happiness can be found in the everyday madness and that no matter what curveballs come our way we can always choose to be happy. We know that when all is said and done, ALL ROADS LEAD TO HAPPINESS.

Life changes, namely the beginning of a college adventure for one, and an empty nest for the other, prompted us to start this blog with the (perhaps slightly misconstrued) ideas that: 1) this would be a fun way to feel connected despite the miles that separate us; 2) this would help keep us accountable when the craziness of life threatened to push our fitness goals aside; and 3) maybe even this would help inspire others.

So, as we now embark on what promises to be one of our greatest life journeys, as Tori goes off to college and Amy rediscovers a world outside of mom, embracing the separate paths our individual ROADS will lead us to, we want to continue to have adventures together. We figure what better way than training for races (and traveling, and…)?! Our workouts, schedules and locations will most days vary but all roads will lead us to our chosen destination.

We will be writing together. We will be writing individually. We will be sharing our perspectives and opinions on training, eating, gear, destinations and more. While we do enjoy many of the same things we are also 2 very different individuals and so though our roads many times reflect these differences they lead to a common denominator: Happy.

We’re so glad you’ve taken a few precious minutes of your time to join us on our journey. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

We would love to hear from you. We can be reached via email at roads2happy@gmail.com


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