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Time For A Plan

Veggies for the Protein

Veggies for the Protein

Time For A Plan: When Simply Running Isn’t Enough

When we started the ‘roads2happy’ project, something that for us also signified a commitment to training, just getting out the door and running or cross training was enough. Now, a few months into it, we are still consistently training and thus accomplishing the main goal, but I’m beginning to remember a time when my training also took significant planning. That time is nearing for both of us. As mileage gets higher the focus on nutrition will have to become sharper. The dedication to rising EARLY, before the Florida heat and humidity sets in, will have to solidify.

I’m working to build a plan that will work going forward. For now, prepping healthy, nutrient-rich food for the week is an essential part of the plan. Another key is getting runs in before sunrise. Finally, we have to formulate a cross training plan that will strengthen the muscles we’ll need to race safely. So, this week will be focused on research and planning. We’re also excited about a product review we’ll be starting towards the end of the week.

Thanks for reading friends – we would love to hear what’s worked for you! 🙂