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Happiness is all about putting life into perspective

As I was nearing the end of a run and feeling particularly slow, sluggish even, an older gentleman I frequently see walking his dog, called out “Que rapido que corre! Ya quisiera tener la energía que tiene usted” (“How fast you run! I wish I had the energy that you have”). The timing of his spontaneous comment came at a time when I most needed it. In addition to feeling s-l-o-w, I was self-questioning. Questioning whether I could complete a half marathon (let alone with respectable time), whether T could complete a half ….whether we should continue blogging or if it was a complete waste of time, a journey I had perhaps guilted T into joining me on.

This man’s comment put a smile on my face and a pep in my step. It reminded me that, yes, I could – I have twice before with less preparation than I have accrued these past months. I remembered T had too, at the age of 14 after having barely slept, inadequately trained, after a week of performing the lead in a high-school opera production – of course she could! And the blog, oh this blog: it was then that I remembered the day the idea of “All Roads Lead To Happiness aka Roads2Happy” was born – and, no, it was not only my idea, T was every bit as excited as I. Life, and happiness, is all about keeping things in perspective. My slow is another person’s fast after all…



Every Princess Needs A Goal

Runs Like A Princess

Runs Like A Princess

Every Princess Needs A Goal…Even Without Guarantees

The name for our blog was born out of the dream of a race…one very special race. A race we fell in love with during the expo of the first Half Marathon we ran together as mother and daughter, T’s first. While walking the girly-girl, pink extravaganza that was that expo we stumbled across the booth for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. We could barely believe our eyes, and thought we had won the lotto when they gave us each a tiara. Then and there we decided that we would race the Princess.  So why has it taken this long? The answer is simply it did not work with our schedules. The dates fell during some of our busiest seasons, one which was performance heavy for T and work heavy for me.

And so, we have dabbled with running, doing well for a few weeks only to have something come up. Next thing we knew 3 weeks had gone by since our last run….which practically put us back to step 1 of any kind of training and conditioning. One mid-summer morning’s run we looked at each other, with wishes of Princess half marathons in our hearts and decided to commit. In order to guarantee we would stick to the training ahead, we agreed we would register only after we had been training for a set time without our letting life interfere. In other words, this race registration would be our reward for truly committing ourselves to the training required for a successful race. Just days before we met our goal the race sold out.

We decided we would go ahead and train, not only for the Princess Half Marathon but also for the Tinker Bell Half. We’re hopeful that a way to register will work out. If not, we will chose a different race. In the meantime, our training has been consistent for months and we are both excited about running. A week ago we ran our first race together, a 5K, towards our fairy tale race.