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Just Do It!

As I was lunching with a friend I was reminded of the slogan, “Just Do It!”  which inevitably took me on a trip down memory lane. For one of my college courses I had to write a report on a company…our group chose Nike and in researching and writing I fell in love with their corporate philosophy which in many ways can be summed up in the famous “Just Do It!” But I digress….

Back to lunch and what prompted the memory. It was one of those wonderful rambling conversations where we jumped around from one topic to the next touching on everything from empty nests to songwriting extravaganza to juicing and whatever could possibly be in between. She said something wise which immediately struck a chord with me, drawing a mental parallel between my own attitude towards this blog and “those” people….those people being ones whose quest for perfection in their creative outlets freezes their creativity hindering their production. What she said was simple….yet brilliant. You’ve got to just throw it out there, that’s the only way to grow and keep getting better at it. And she is right. It resonated deep in that fearful place inside of me that is scared of the criticism I might receive, especially from those I know. But after a pause to ponder I thought to myself, “just do it!”

I have spent some considerable time starting blog ideas and NOT throwing them out there. I have spent a good 3 months mulling over this specific blog idea. I mean, I knew I wanted to write one. The girl thought she might like to write one. One day, during an evening stroll, we came up with what we continue to believe is a good blog idea that will give us room to talk about many things we love while focusing on the core of it: fitness. We’ve researched and bookmarked favorite blogs, taking note of recommendations for (among other things) blogging. One core nugget of advice is often repeated in the best of blogs, and that is to just start it, growing and learning as the blog takes shape and finds its own identity. So what kept me from it? Perfectionism. And now I’m reminded of a Spanish quote my boss has been known to use, “la perfeccion es enemigo de lo bueno” which roughly translates “perfectionism is the enemy of Good” which I have also learned to be true. And so, here we are today. Imperfect though it may be, it’s time to let go and let it flow.

As of this moment I will embrace throwing it out there. I will just DO it!