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ENERGYbits --> Adorable Tin!

ENERGYbits –> Adorable Tin!

We’re super excited to share with your our very first product review post. As a new blog we get that brands are looking to work with the ones whose traffic is the highest, whose reach was the greatest and so we were elated when we were first contacted by ENERGYbits. Intrigued by the product, but leery to fall prey to any ‘supplements’ (per their website they are not, in fact a supplement) or artificial products I started my research. Let me tell you, they had me at “organic” and “all natural”. We eat sushi so how bad could Spirulina Algae be? Besides, a couple of years ago a very health-conscious boss of mine (A) introduced me to Spirulina chocolate bars, which I not only survived by enjoyed immensely.

One single ingredient. Spirulina Algae. Nutrients: 40. The claims: sounding almost too good to be true. (Best used for: Increasing Energy, Endurance and Mental Vitality, High Protein Snack, Curbing Hunger, Meal Replacement, Balancing Blood Sugar, Lowering Blood Pressure, Reducing Fatigue) We could not wait to try them!

ENERGYbits Review: Amy’s take

First Impressions: I could barely stop from squealing when I saw the package from ENERGYbits, the details spoke of a company that cares, from the sticker on the back to the adorable tin that contains the source of energy. I open the tin, take a sniff and am instantly transported to the days when we had pet fish and the smell of their food. So then I thought a minute and realized fish are lean AND athletic, isn’t that how we would all like to be. Deep breath. Let’s do this!

And now time to confess…. I didn’t try chewing these until after T had (what kind of a mother does THAT?!) and said they didn’t taste bad. She was right. I didn’t notice a huge and immediate increase in energy but my runs were solid. I was afraid the number of tablets, and amount of water needed to swallow, would cause my sensitive stomach to revolt, but I was pleasantly surprised that it did not (true to the claim) upset my stomach at all.

Final thoughts? I don’t think this product is for me at this time, but down the road as the intensity of training increases I may consider it. It’s a product I believe would be best suited to a more seasoned athlete who is in the habit of taking some sort of supplements, pills, shakes, gels, etc. prior to working out; someone who has this incorporated into their lifestyle and has budgeted it in as well. To these individuals, I would recommend trying ENERGYbits as a natural alternative. I can think of several people who might be perfect candidates.


Bits Rock.

Bits Rock.

ENERGYbits Review: Tori’s take

We were given the joy of trying out Energybits! I’m not sure if they actually worked or if it was a psychological factor, but my running time was improved by a few minutes.  I did find it a bit annoying that you have to take 30 of the little tablets. Also, when they say don’t chew them, don’t chew them! I don’t mind the taste of algae, but as you can see, it turned my tongue bright green!

Overall, I’m a little conflicted about this product. I believe it does work, but may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Ta-ta for now!


"It's not easy being GREEN" ~ Kermit the Frog

“It’s not easy being GREEN” ~ Kermit the Frog

If you’re intrigued, please read on:

“ENERGYbits are only available at, and Jonathan (their Brand Manager) has shared with me that he’d be happy to connect anyone with a current ambassador to share a discount on a bag of bits – you can email him at

Read about ENERGYbits and their contribution to the Breast Cancer Awareness month – a cause near and dear to our ❤ s as women, and as friends of individuals who have been affected by its viciousness.

Bits of Bits

Bits of Bits


Our Product Review Philosophy

We love the idea of product reviews. There’s no better way to know whether or not you will truly like something until you give it a test run. That said, as I’ve perused various blogs I’ve noticed a couple of trends. There are those who seem to maintain the integrity of their blog identity even while reviewing products, and there are those who appear to do anything for a buck, or a freebie. I find it hard to take the freebie-seekers seriously (I get it, we all love them but at some point it loses all credibility) I gravitate towards the first kind and so have thought long and hard about the whole product review concept.

Here’s our take: we will be overjoyed to test and write product reviews for any product in which we believe. We will not review anything which we would not ourselves consume. Now, that doesn’t mean every bra is for every girl, but if the product is high quality, attractive, etc. it can get a great review even if it doesn’t work for size 32DD to run in, we would simply state that and move on. For me the trickiest products to review become the ones we ingest: the food, the drinks, the supplements. Prior to accepting, or seeking, to review any of these we will do our research. If we like what we find, and think it’s a product that we would not be afraid to consume we will do the reviews. Our promise to you is that.

Something fun and unique about our reviews is that you will get to read the perspective, opinions and reactions of both a college freshman and a business professional all in one place.

What you read will be our opinions and experiences. They are not the opinions or recommendations of medical (or fitness) professionals.  And finally, these reviews will have come after the brands reviewed have generously supplied us with their product.

This is our philosophy and this is our disclaimer. 🙂